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Introducing LH Archived Post Status

LH Archived Post status is a WordPress extension that creates an additional posts status available for content that may no longer be relevant to most visitors but should be available publicly (perhaps for historical purposes).

I built this plugin as UI needed this flexibility whilst using WordPress as a CMS. The plugin adds a new post status that enables posts and pages (and custom post types) to be archived. Archiving in this context means that the content is still publicly available but is not published on the front page of the site  or the feed. I was not satisfied with other archiving solutions which hid the content for all non logged in visitors and was not configurable.

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The LocalHero project

Right now I am in the process of leaving my place of employment. After 13 years the process of simply collecting my personal information stored on my works systems (mainly email) is huge and as tiresome as it is i will miss things and those contacts, photos, and documents will be lost forever. A little (or large) part of my digital (and actual) life, will be lost forever.

As you are reading this blog, you realise i have a website. It is something i update infrequently and mostly with content related to my technical interests. However it actually does a ridiculously good job of maintaining, ordering, publishing and backing up content. Which makes you think…

What if instead of relying on third party social networks or email providers or our work place to order our digital life we could own the data ourselves?

What if we could use the worlds number one content management system?

What if some of the work had already been done?

Introducing the LocalHero project

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WordPress development is apathetic

There has been a lot of discussion that WordPress is becoming less user friendly and indeed it has got some traction as the recent WordPress 3.8 is certainly aimed (amongst other things) around making the dashboard more user friendly. Given this I don’t think wordpress is becoming less user friendly, however it’s never been friendly to newbies.

Instead I think the area where Worpress has dropped the ball is that sensible projects that could make its so much better are not being tackled, instead development seems to be based on UI improvements and quick wins. These are great but a better WordPress platform would make these sort of improvements easier. Indeed a better platform would enable people to build their own UI. Thus rendering the  rolling MP6 (and similar initiatives) into the core moot (because developers would be rolling their own version of the dashboard through plugins). Continue reading