In response to your commet. See points below

1- how to add “profession” and “city” like line to write (still “name”…) ?

This can be done programatically, if you cant work it out I can do it for a small fee. But it will never be a core feature as the list of potential fields is infinite.

2- how to make the firm automatically added ? I mean I don’t wand to confirm by hand each signature… is it possible ? is there any easy and short manual to read about How to use LH S ?
+ Why this distinction between Confirmed and Unconfirmed ? is it possible to have only confirmed signature ?

The plugin confirms people, not firms. It is expected that very person has an email address. But that needs to be validated. Hence they get sent an email with a validation link. The validation happens when they click the link, there is no need to do anything by hand