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Thanks Peter,

I think he was at Fifteen Mile Creek at West Greta (he wrote that he and his 4 friends stopped at the Goldseeker Inn.) But he called that the Ovens Township and that is why I was confused.

They stayed in Beechworth (more precisely in a tent on Spring Creek then in December 1853 he and 4 of his friends went up the Buckland River as far, I think, as Buckland Junction (just past Fairley Creek). Did not find gold, left on mate behind and the other 3 returned via Buckland and Ovens until he his two mates reached what he called Elliser’s Station.

I believe he heard it that way and his spelling was a phonic way of writing Hillas (drop the “H” British style and make it possessive = Illises = Illisers = Ellisers). There were only a few squatters out there in 1853 and as far as I have been able to find out none of them had the name Ellis. So do you think Hillas could have sounded like Ellis? Possible?

The 3 men received permission to camp overnight and then early the next morning they proceeded on to Beechworth
(probably 25 km or ~15 miles) where they had been mining and keeping a tent since August.

Thanks for your help – Your identifying the Myrtleford Hotel as approximately where J. Hillas had some huts kind of got me close enough to where I think the prospector camped.


Yes, the Alpine Road carries through hills, valleys and over shallow rivers as do roads here in Massachusetts and particularly in New Hampshire. I have surfed for still photos and seeing them I actually feel right at home literally on the other side of the world.

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  • Hello, Peter

    (This may be a repeat – original note reset to your home page. So here goes another attempt:)

    I live in the U.S.(Massachusetts) and I am researching places that an American gold prospector passed through on his way from Melbourne to Spring Creek (Beechworth).
    In August of 1853 he wrote in his journal that he was in “…Ovens Township…” and had stopped briefly to buy food supplies at the Gold Seekers Inn.
    I have found that the Inn was in the settlement of Fifteen Mile Creek (FMC) which was later named Greta (G). My question is, Was FMC or G ever known to be “the Ovens Township” or in the Ovens District?