Bill, Hillas could sound like Ellis. However i do …

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Hillas could sound like Ellis. However i do know there is an Ellis family in Greta. How far back they go i do not know.

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  • I stand behind my comments. Being factual is the definition of professionalism.

    whether they are nice people is irrelevant. Everything point I made was factual and most people when they see the facts realise that what TRL is doing is wrong.

  • cheo,

    Pete Shaw here author of LH Signing

    If you look through the plugins code you can see filters where you can add fields and process them as post objects.

    If you are not confident writing code though I can write a special plugin that enhances my existing plugin.

    It would take me an hour so I’d charge USD 40 by PayPal.

    Let me know if that suits.


  • Dan,

    The shortcode supports a text attribute e.g.

    see example here :

    I’ll add documenation for this feature in the my next relase this week

    In terms of a form to automatically create a post, obviously the plugin doesn’t support that natively but i could build it easily enough if you wanted to hire me (I’m very reasonably priced).


  • Thankyou fore pointing this out, I’ve fixed the name.
  • Bill,

    the town of Ovens still exists and is not far from where my grandfather and other relatives live near Myrtleford.

    Its not really on the route between Melbourne and Beechworth though. I think perhaps he is using Ovens/Ovens District in the sense of the areas that the Ovens River flows through or even the general Ovens Valley. In which case yes Greta would definitely be in the Ovens valley.

    Its a beautiful part f the world.

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  • Introducing LH Archived Post Status

    In response to your commet. See points below

    1- how to add “profession” and “city” like line to write (still “name”…) ?

    This can be done programatically, if you cant work it out I can do it for a small fee. But it will never be a core feature as the list of potential fields is infinite.

    2- how to make the firm automatically added ? I mean I don’t wand to confirm by hand each signature… is it possible ? is there any easy and short manual to read about How to use LH S ?
    + Why this distinction between Confirmed and Unconfirmed ? is it possible to have only confirmed signature ?

    The plugin confirms people, not firms. It is expected that very person has an email address. But that needs to be validated. Hence they get sent an email with a validation link. The validation happens when they click the link, there is no need to do anything by hand


  • Thoughts on extending webmentions

    yes download the plugin from here: and upload it to the plugins directory and then activate it. More info on webmentions is available online.

  • Brighton
    test comment
  • Democracy is not the highest ideal
    Good pick up, it was actually exported from an old bespoke cms and I think the dates got corrupted.