Hi, Peter.
I’m trying to figure out how to use LH QR Code on my WordPress site. I’m not a coder, much as I regret that. I’m working to learn, but it’s a slow slog, as I’m an adult with two businesses to run and very limited time for study.

I’m interested in how I can get the QR code to display properly on a given page or posts, and how I can specify the textual content that it encodes.

I’m giving LH QR a try, because I can’t find a more simple QR generator that’s been update recently or is tested with the latest version of WordPress, which is what I’m running.

What I’d really like is the ability to have site members fill out a form that would then automatically use the form data-fill to generate a QR code with the data entries from that form, and then push it to the site as a post. (The data fill would also be included in plain text as the body of the post below the QR code)

Any thoughts or suggestions? I can be reached via Google Hangouts using my gmail.