1965 north Melbourne football club – second eighteen

1965 north Melbourne football club - second eighteen

1965 north Melbourne football club – second eighteen

Black and white photograph 24.5cm by 18.5cm – north Melbourne football club – second eighteen. taken at Coburg football ground north Melbourne. football club use the city oval for one season only and then returned to Arden street north Melbourne 1965

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  1. This is not a photo of the NMFC 2nds of 1965. I would be happy to discuss it with you. I was an Official at the Club from 1953 to 1981 and cannot recognise one player in the photo. Keith McKenzie was Coach of the 2nds in 1965 and the man in the photo is certainly not Keith. It may be the Coburg City Oval. However I compliment you on the other authentic photos on the site. Some are indeed rare. I have not seen the 1932 or 1938 ones before. I doubt if we have those 2 at the Club. I am currently assisting the Archivists at the Club and will submit all the authentic ones to them. I am sure that we would like to make contact with you in the future. Regards, Bill Liddy

    1. Just stumbled across this site looking for something else and I realize the above post is from 3 years ago , but the picture above is Northcote Football Club , the person in middle row immediate left of the gent in the suit is one of the Christou brothers (John or Jim) who played in Northcote’s 1982 VFA 2nd Division GF win against Caulfield so I’d hazard a guess that the above photo could be Northcote’s Premiership Team. Besides , a few players are wearing jumpers with VFA cloth badges on their right hand side of jumpers. The oval would be Westgarth Oval.

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