2005 College Rugby Final

After a narrow defeat to their old boys Trinity was highly favoured to take the XV aside college rugby title for another year. With a more experienced pack and good inside backs the scales were tipped in their favour. Yet as often occurs in this fixture in its long history has thrown up its fair share of surprises


Ormond started the first half stronger camped on the Trinity line. But were unable to get over the line. Yet conversely Trinity on one of its first ventures into the Ormond 22 turned the ball over and by quickly spinning the ball from the ruck bundled over in the centres for the opening try.

The remainder of the half was an arm wrestle, so at half time it was anyone’s game. the second half started like the first with Ormond exerting most of the pressure. Yet an Ormond turnover in the midfield was capitalised on by Trinity catching the defence short out wide as they broke out down the wing. The attacked was stalled short but after several phases the Ormond defence could no longer hold and Trinity went over on the wing.

Still with plenty of time left Ormond still felt in the game and pressed again for long periods. But to no avail. With ten minutes left Trinity again showed good hands as they capitalised on a brief foray in the Ormond half by spinning the ball wide to score. From there it was all Trinity as they piled on two more tries to ultimately win quite comfortably.

  1. Trinity take advantage of an Ormond turnover on their own line for the centre to score:
  2. Trinity almost score of a beautiful switch:
  3. Spinning the ball right leads to a great run by Trinity:
  4. Concerted pressure is finally converted into points by Trinity:
  5. Not enough Ormond defence out wide
  6. A beautiful dummy and a fend off by the number 10 opens the Ormond defence:
  7. Trinity keep the ball alive to score the final try out wide:

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