Introducing LH Tools

A RDF Store and SPARQL Endpoint for WP.

Intoducing LH Tools.

LH Tools is a WordPress extension that adds an (ARC-based) RDF Store and SPARQL Endpoint to the WordPress blogging system. The store is kept separate from the WP tables (i.e. it’s not a wrapper), but you can use WP’s nice admin screens to configure it, it and embed it using the large number of developer-friendly hooks that WP offers. It is based on the original work by Ben Nowack.

If are interested you can read about it here:
and download it here: And interrogate this sites local endpoint here:

Whilst this can be used on a standalone basis, it is most useful when combined with the other LH (LocalHero) plugins:


Which exposes a large part of the WordPress data as sematic rdf content


LH Relationships:

Which enables semantic linking between wordpress posts, pages, categories, and other objects. These three extensions used in combination enable a true semantic CMS and I’m curious what can be done now. I’ll add additional documentation and proof of concepts of what is possible in time.

Author: Peter Shaw

Is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch and the leader of the LocalHero project!

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