Hi Ken,
I was a member and leader at the Montague YMCA for about 10 years and I also played basketball in the girls team as well. As far as I know it was owned by the YMCA and their headquarters were in Melbourne Central. It was the most wonderful organization because so many children and young people benefited from it. I myself was a member of the girls club, basketball, trampoline and judo groups. We used to have camps at Camp Manyung and Somers on the Mornington Peninsula. I made MANY friends from belonging to the YMCA and they are still friends of mine 40 odd years later. It`s a pity there are not the same sort of organizations like this for both young and older people because the benefits are incredible. The supervisors in the time that I was there (1958-1968) were Mr Ron O`Sullivan, Bev Bruce and Peter Coghlan. I hope that is some help to you.