What is the Shaw Cup

The tradition continues

The Shaw Cup, or to give its full name the E.M. Shaw Challenge Cup, is a trophy for social rugby in Victoria. The cup itself was presented by Peter Shaw for annual rugby competition and named after his grandmother: Ethel Margaret Shaw.

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First played for in 1997, the Shaw Cup is based on a challenge system, rather than a league or knockout competition as with most trophies. The holding team must defend the cup in challenge matches, and if a challenger defeats them, they become the new holder.

The Cup is currently held by Old Xavier, who where awarded it as the then holders Dunneworthy were unable to defend it. They have sucessfully defended the Cup on 10 consecutive occasions, including some memorable games, most notably against Melbourne University on test match day in Melbourne.

Author: Peter Shaw

Is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch and the leader of the LocalHero project!

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