Hello Roy
My name is Neville Campbell.
I have just finished researching my family tree which lead me back to Pleasant Creek.
My Great Grandfather was a man by the name of Gray Campbell and he was a Tobacconist
at Pleasant Creek c 1865-1866. (He married Marion Louisa Garrett.)
According to an article in the Ararat Advertiser, Feb 20, 1866, there was a fire in the town
and Gray Campbell instructed the men fighting the fire to tear his shop down (it wasn’t on fire at the time) to prevent the fire spreading throughout the remainder of the adjoining shops.
Not a bad effort!
I was wondering if there were any old photographs existing of the original Pleasant Creek township from that era?
If you could provide me with any information on that it would be much appreciated.
My email address is neville.campbell@fairfaxmedia.com.au