My family may have been pioneers of Mt Pleasant Creek and I was wondering if anyone had any information on them or if my family graves are still there. I am from Geelong but am unable to travel to Stawell to have a look. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction or help? The family names of TOMLINSON, O\’BRIEN (HERD), PORTER are who I am looking for. I am a direct descendant from the Tomlinson family who settled in Mount Pleasant Creek around 1850\’s. Any help would be most appreciated. I can be contacted at bernie.helman @ gmail .com

The names are:
Joseph Tomlinson – died 21st April 1858 (age 48) – wife Catherine (Byrne) died 1870\’s
William Thomas Tomlinson – died 1897 (age 40)
Teresa Tomlinson – died 1898 (aged 4)
Eliza (Tomlinson) Porter – 1926 (age 83)
Joseph James Tomlinson – died 1895 (aged 48)
Francis Tomlinson – born 1884 – death unknown date/year
Elizabeth Agnes Tomlinson – Born 1886 – death April 1969

Garret O\’Brien – 23rd Nov 1899 – Wife Ann Nancy (Herd) 8th April 1897