Democracy is not the highest ideal

The term undemocratic is one heard quite regularly in the media. Usually it means that the pundit in question disagrees with the government and thinks he or she has majority opinion on his or her side, usually they are wrong!

Still even when they are right the term always makes my stomach turn. It makes it turn because it equates good or even correct policy with majority opinion, something that has never been the case. In Australia we sometimes seem to hold out democracy as the highest ideal, yet close examination of our system of government and our constitution shows that democracy is only a limited part of ensuring we live in a free and prosperous society. Continue reading

2nd half demolition

The team
The team

Wallabies day rolled around again and yet again it was time for the annual fixture between Old Xavier and Melbourne University. Old Xavier had enterred a strong team, but Melbourne Uni had abandoned the gents concept and fielded a full team of grade players. The first half was tight with the teams trading tries. But in the second half the Old Xavier backline started to hum and it turned into a route.
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Scored outclass Dunneworthy

The 2006 Grand Final at Royal Park was an eagerly awaited contest by both teams. Scored, looking for back to back premiership success, had overcome Phantoms in the semi final. Whilst the perrenial semi-finalist Dunneworthy had overcome Oscar in a thrilling drop off.

Dunneworthy looking to go one better this year went ahead early with a try to Simon Lewis of a beautiful Dan Cusack pass. However Scored hit back and when Dan Cusack was binned for 10 minutes for a fowl he did not committ scored skipped away to a 3 try lead at half time.

Scored extended their domination in the second half running away with the match 7-2. Giving them back to back victories and leaving Dunneworthy searching for an elusive first Royal Park title!

Believe in the power of the factor