Hi Geoff

I would support the Donaldson Creek theory, on the basis that Oriel Road was only a single width road at the time West Ivanhoe was developed by the Housing Commision, and Donaldson Creek (first time I’ve ever heard its name – it was always just ‘the little creek’ when I was a kid) was an open creek for all of it’s length through West Ivanhoe.

Also, Oriel Road only ran from Ford Street north to Bell Street. It didn’t go through to Livingston Street. The road from Livingston Street to Green Street was called Kitchener Street. There were houses (a house?) in both Ford Street and Green Street that prevented Oriel Road and Kitchener Street from joining. They were demolished to put the (widened) road through as access to the Olympic Village for the games, and the MMTB bus service commenced at about that time.

Of course, all of this is a long, long time ago, and is testing my memory, but I’m reasonably confident in its accuracy.

I lived in Valentine Street, on the corner of Cook Street. I’m also sure I must have played football with your brother, ‘Billy’ Swallow?

Ray Kinnane