Hi Geoff

Sorry to hear about Bill, and other family members passing. My condolences.

We moved out of West Ivanhoe in 1963, when I was twenty. We moved to Syndal, and I lost touch with a lot of folks from the old neighborhood. I remember it fondly though, as it was a great place to grow up.

I can’t rember the exact years that I played footy, but it was probably only a couple of seasons. I wasn’t much of a footballer, cricket being my obsession, at that age.

I think I played in the footy club’s first season, along with Frank Cloney, Des and Gary Boyd, Frankie Murphie, Bill, of course, John Cleary and others I can’t remember well. We did play in a Grand Final, which we lost to Fitzroy by a couple of points. Would that have been around 1959? Jack Mullane would know. He was the coach of that team.

I don’t have any photos of that time, I’m sorry. I live in Japan now, and when I moved here, left most of my stuff like photographs with my older brother in Australia. But I don’t think there are any football team photos amongst them. There is a very early tennis club photo of Frank Cloney, Frank Murphy and Brenda Binotto, that I took in the very early days of the tennis club. But my memories of that time are a little vague, and exact dates escape me. Is the tennis club still going?

Ray Kinnane