Hi Ray,

Japan, a long way from West Ivanhoe and Syndal. What was the reason for the move?

I have a surprise for you if you send me an email address. I have completed the names on the 1960 photo taken near the Grotto at St Bernadettes which had been lost for over 50 years. My brother Bruce and I put all the names to it. Most of the photos in those years did not have names and I have now named all team photos that are known to exist.

The St Bernadette school photos from 1955 to 1965 proved much more difficult (I arranged a 50 year reunion for my 1962 class and the older 1961 class which was a fantastic success) however I have named close to 99%. There are no class/student records of those years as one of the later principals had a cleanout and mixed up the boxes that were to be disposed of. Apparently she told the cleaner to throw out the boxes on the left but did not tell him which side to stand when he denoted left or right. You really could not believe someone could be so careless.

Anyway, I have some photos of the 1960 reunion as well (Cloney, Murphy, Donahue, Boyd’s etc) which you might be interested in.