Thanks Peter,

I think he was at Fifteen Mile Creek at West Greta (he wrote that he and his 4 friends stopped at the Goldseeker Inn.) But he called that the Ovens Township and that is why I was confused.

They stayed in Beechworth (more precisely in a tent on Spring Creek then in December 1853 he and 4 of his friends went up the Buckland River as far, I think, as Buckland Junction (just past Fairley Creek). Did not find gold, left on mate behind and the other 3 returned via Buckland and Ovens until he his two mates reached what he called Elliser’s Station.

I believe he heard it that way and his spelling was a phonic way of writing Hillas (drop the “H” British style and make it possessive = Illises = Illisers = Ellisers). There were only a few squatters out there in 1853 and as far as I have been able to find out none of them had the name Ellis. So do you think Hillas could have sounded like Ellis? Possible?

The 3 men received permission to camp overnight and then early the next morning they proceeded on to Beechworth
(probably 25 km or ~15 miles) where they had been mining and keeping a tent since August.

Thanks for your help – Your identifying the Myrtleford Hotel as approximately where J. Hillas had some huts kind of got me close enough to where I think the prospector camped.


Yes, the Alpine Road carries through hills, valleys and over shallow rivers as do roads here in Massachusetts and particularly in New Hampshire. I have surfed for still photos and seeing them I actually feel right at home literally on the other side of the world.